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Madrid: Paseo de la Castellana, 184 Pl. 11

Teléfono: 911 034 767

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Axis Pharma: The Pharmaceutical Knowledge Factor.

1- Achieving higher success rates & improving profitability using specialized knowledge:

- Digital marketing strategy and execution
- Strategic consulting for pharmaceuticals, biotechs, start-ups, research groups and investors
- Product positioning
- Products, technology & company valuation
- Business cases
- Strategic & tactical plans
- Resource allocation analysis
- Added value analysis to support the optimal strategic positioning

2- Answering the right questions with the right targets: best in class data to make best in class decisions

-Online market research
-Fast-surveys using digital technology
-Real-life registries
-PMCF (Post Marketing Clinical Follow-up)
-Our own validated and segmented database

Equipo directivo

Esperanza Regueras
Managing Director

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