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Madrid: C/ Gobelas 19, 2ª Pl.-La Florida

Teléfono: 917 081 250

¿Quiénes somos?

Pivotal is a leading privately-held European CRO with corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain and, since inception, we have experienced a fast and steady organic growth. We are currently employing almost 190 cross-functional professionals, and we are present across Europe with field monitoring and regulatory experience in most European countries. By applying a variety of outsourcing models from single source to full service, Pivotal builds a flexible client relationship, and ensures a single-source provider. We provide the following services: Regulatory affairs, Clinical Operations (Project Management and Clinical Monitoring), Data Management, Biostatistics, Quality Assurance/Third Party Audits, Biotechs Consultancy, Medical Monitoring and Pharmacovigilance. Our clients’ portfolio spans major pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical devices, nutrition companies and cooperative groups, and we have long-standing relations with over 200 clients. Our highly customized teams bring to each client a combination of broad industry knowledge and operational excellence, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Additionally, we have built a strong oncology/haemato-oncology, rare diseases, innovative therapies and early phases hub that enables us to tackle our customers´ most difficult challenges, turning recommendations into concrete actions.

Equipo directivo

Ibrahim Farr
Director General
Jose Javier (JJ) Garcia
Vice-Presidente DMBS
Lourdes Huarte
Vice-Presidente Operaciones Clínicas
Natalia Farr
Training officer/Communications Manager
Lidia Farr
Vice-Presidente Finanzas/Desarrollo Corporativo

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